About EAKC

Founded in 1984, the Kern County Executives' Association is a prestigious network of the area's top business leaders. EAKC is a member of a world-wide network of similar associations whose beginnings date back to 1916 when the first Executives' Association was formed in San Francisco. Increasing sales of goods and services for each member through the exchange of business information, leads and networking is the EAKC' primary objective. Each member shares this common objective of improving sales, enhancing quality of service and maintaining a market presence in the community. This is accomplished by the members practicing high business standards and ethics. With an EAKC member business you truly can expect the best.

Mission Statement

The Executives' Association of Kern County is the premier business support group in the County. The Association shall advance and benefit each member through lead sharing, networking, cooperation and business support. We select for membership only those whose business or professional practice has earned them an outstanding reputation within their field. The Executives' Association strives to continually represent, exhibit and embrace the following values:

  • Integrity
  • Dignity
  • Loyalty
  • Mutual Respect